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10 Way To Make Batteries Last Longer your Android Phone

 10 Way To Make Batteries Last Longer your Android Phone

10 Way To Make Batteries Last Longer your Android Phone-You spend most of your day with your Android mobile.Phone thing is such that all the news of the whole world and entertainment which we find in one place.And over time, Android mobiles have made a lot of progress and some of these works can be done by those who might not have thought before.
 10 Way To Make Batteries Last Longer your Android Phone
 10 Way To Make Batteries Last Longer your Android Phone

But because they are used so much their batteries also end up very quickly and all think how to extend their phone's battery life.

So if you feel like this then it is good news for you because today I will tell you some ways to accumulate battery life, which will prove to be very beneficial for you.

Tips to increase battery life that everyone should know

1) Keep the vibration off

All phones have a small motor which is called Eccentric Rotating Mass Vibration motor and its rotation creates vibration.

Now to turn it off, first go to settings and select the Sound option. You will get the option to turn off the vibration and you can switch off the vibrations of the keyboard by going to your keyboard settings.

2) Change display settings

Our phone's display also catches too much of our phone, so to reduce it, you go to your phone's display settings and keep your mobile's brightness down. And keep the sleep option of your mobile between 1 to 2 minutes.

3) Keep wireless services off when not working

Do not keep your phone WiFi and Bluetooth inadvertently because when they are on-the-go, they are scanning between devices or WiFi connections in between and much more battery is used.

Read More-

4) Keep auto synchronization off

For this you need to go to Settings in the Accounts option to see the Sync Services of your accounts and discontinue those services which are not of your work.

5) Keep Background Data off

Too many apps are always running in the background of your phone due to which you have too much battery to finish, to turn them off, select Settings in the data usage of the settings and select the apps that need to run in background. Then click on "Restricted app background data" and let's use it for background usage.

6) Keep clearing the latest apps

Whenever the work of an app is done, then exit it completely or else it will continue in background, so keep your phone's "recent" panel clear too.

7) Use Widgets at least

Widgets are displaying on our home screen and updating themselves in between so that the consumption of battery is very high, so use minimal widgets or do not use it.

8) Keep notifications off for apps

Many times we have such apps Notifications are coming which are not of any use and they use too much battery, to prevent them from using so much battery, go to settings and click on the notification and there on the app you do not want Click and disable block all.

9) Use Battery Saver

If you also get an inbuilt battery saver in your phone, then use it so it will save a lot of battery on your phone.

10) Do not keep mobile data in vain

If you do not have any work, even if your data is on, then it will use a lot of batteries so that, even when it is not working, keep the mobile data closed.

So friends were some tips that would be of great use to you, as long as you do this, your phone's battery life will be greatly increased.

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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

How To Increase Your USB Pen-Drive Speed!

How To Increase Your USB Pen-Drive Speed!

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How To Increase Your USB Pen-Drive Speed!
Hello, Friends does your USB pen-drive work very slowly if yes, the tips you follow are going to tell you through this post.

As you know, USB (pen-drive) is an electronic machine and it is hardware and software, with the help of many companies or different types of speed and storage, pen-drive is made, but to earn more money, their Rates vary according to speed and storage. They are cheap and they have fewer advantages and they are more expensive, they have more advantages, the most important thing is their speed. Whenever we add a file, song, video, picture etc. from one computer to another computer, we can guess its speed. It achieves this, most of them keep less speed, however, because of their low speed, you want to copy/paste your data as if you copy a music file, it will be faster and if you do any software Which will be more if you want to do your work quickly with your pen-drive, try the tips below to get good results. I have tested this before sharing with you. is.

  • First, format your pen-drive in NTFS.
  • Connect pen-drive to your computer
  • Right-click on the pen-drive icon in my computer and select Format option ... Then a box of formats will open in front of you... Click on the list below from the file system and select the NTFS And click on format.

Check for errors regularly

Connect your pen drive to your computer
Right-click the pen-drive icon in my computer and click on "Properties".
After that, the box will open in front of you, select the tools and if you are using Windows 7, another box will appear, then click the check button now.
Select both options in the box and press the Start button
Wait a while, it will tell you exactly how to fix all your pen-drive problems.

If you do this according to me, the speed of your USB pen-drive will increase by 99% if you have any problems doing so, then add your comment.

Monday, 17 September 2018

History of the internet - History of the Internet (history)

History of the Internet  - History of the Internet (history)

The internet has become an integral part of our lives in today's time; the whole world is interconnected through the internet, there is no area where the internet is not being used. Through the internet, many features can be used on your computer or phone -

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History of the internet - History of the Internet (history)

internet and its uses the internet and its applications

  • You can send a message to anyone. 

  • Can be cheating. 
  • Make new friends. 
  • You can do online shooing at home.
  • (tex) tax. 
  • (online study), which is also called e-learning.
  • can play games online. 
  • FM radio can listen to songs/songs. 
  • You can see the favorite movie. 
  • The news can read the letter. 
  • You can pay bills of mobile, phone, electricity, digital TV etc., or recharge online (online Recharge)online. 
  • Video Conferencing can be done from any other city/province/person sitting in the country.
  • You can send minutes or anywhere in the country or abroad using internet banking, or you can get information about your account. 
  • You can also store your computer's photos and videos or other files online. 
  • Get information or a map of any place or place. 
  • Get food-related information. 
  • You can also watch online tv, or enjoy live cricket too.
  • Social networking sites ( Social Networking Site) become part of the bot can your ideas in your friends and groups.

History of the Internet  - History of the Internet

Let's know how the Internet started with what it said and how it became part of our lives, in 1969, a network of Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPAD) was launched in the US Department of Defense, to send confidential information to each other during the war. Used to be used. In 1972, Metalman sent the first email message, and as the news of the benefits of sending the information through email became increasingly popular, this network became popular in this way. In 1979, for the first time in the British post office, the internet was used as forensic science. In 1984, more than 1000 computers were connected to this network. Slowly, this network used to be used in exchange for information in other areas, and this network began to take on a larger form. In 1986, it was named as NFF Net and slowly the entire world was captured by the Internet.

How to use teamviewer | use of teamviewer

How to use teamviewer  | use of teamviewer

How to use TeamViewer - TeamViewer is a remote support / meeting software and if you do not use it commercially then it is free to say that you can use it for your own home without any charge . If you have a problem with your computer, you can share your screen with your friend or a technical specialist and can solve or solve any problem.
With Teamviewer you can give file transfer, remote control, online presentation. You can share your screen in Teamviewer with 25 screens, but for that you have to buy a payment version. In the paid version of Teamviewer, you can also help on any mobile device.

How to Use Teamviewer - Firstly   Download  Teamviewer.

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How to use teamviewer

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How to use teamviewer

  • After that open the download file and install it.

  • Keep in mind when installing the basic installation and use type in non commercial

  • The id you are looking for in your id field is the id that you want to share with the person who wants to see your computer screen. This is done to create a remote session when there is a problem.
  • If you want to assist someone, then your friend's teamviewer id is to interact with partner id.

    After you enter the partner id, your friend goes to the request and after accepting it, you see the screen of the front user, so that you can support him online and also take advantage of facilities like file transfers. | You can also operate his pc online.

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Android tips tricks : Latest android tips and tricks

Android tips tricks: Latest android tips and tricks 

Latest Android tips tricksThe world of smartphones is very interesting, most of the smartphones of today's smartphones use smartphones, people have become very smart now, many work, with the help of smartphones, sit at home and easily do it Are there. Many smartphone users use a number of tricks and move one step forward from the normal smartphone user. Today I will tell you about the Android Tips Tricks, with the help of which you can easily do a lot of work and become a smart user rather than a normal user.

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android tips and tricks

Latest Android tips tricks

Today, we will know about Android's latest tips and tricks which are very cool, maybe you know some of these tricks but there are some other Android tips tricks that you probably do not know, so let's know Andrew About Tips and Tricks -

1Use any App without installing

Whenever we have to download any Android application we use Play Store. On the Play Store, you find many applications that are all different sizes, many applications are such that are of very large size. Normally we can use the application only after downloading the application from the Play Store, but if you want to see that application before downloading it then you can use the given Android tips tricks - Note - You can use this tip only in the latest Android version.

  • First of all you have to update all Google applications (Google Play Service, Chrome, Google).
  • After this you have to go to Google Settings in your smartphone.
  • After going to Google Settings, you will see the option of Instant Apps. You have to turn it on.
  • As soon as you turn on you will come in two options NO THANKS and YES I'm IN, you have to click on the YES I'M IN option.

Now if you download the application from the Play Store, you will also see the Try Now option along with the installation option.

2Finger print scanner trick

Nowadays, in most of the smartphones you get to see fingerprint sensors, fingerprint scanners are considered very secure for any smartphone. When we are at home, our siblings are forced to open the lock by touching the finger, or when we are sleeping, then touch the Finger quietly and even open the lock easily if something happens to you also You should use the tricks given below -

  • First of all, you have to download the application called  Disable Fingerprint from the Play Store .
  • You have to allow all permissions.
  • Now you can easily turn off / disable finger print scanner with the help of this application.
  • After you disable, you can unlock your smartphone with the help of your phone's pattern lock or pin lock.

3Screening pining

Next tips in Android tips tricks are related to screen pinning. Screen pinning feature is very useful in Android, but many features of this feature are not known to the user, due to which they can not use this feature. Many days people ask us for a reason for some reason and we have to give them this feature in such a time. "Suppose someone asks you for a phone to make a call, but many people start to call the gallery instead of making a call, so whenever you give someone a smartphone, pin the screen" Let's now know how to enable this feature. To do-

  • First of all you have to go to the settings of your smartphone.
  • Now, select the security option.
  • After this you will see a screen pin option, turn it on.
  • Now whenever you give someone a smartphone, open the application to the person in front.
  • Then, when you use the multitasking button, you will see the option to pin.
  • Now touch the pin icon.

After following the above tips, you will not be able to use the application other than the one you have pinned. To unpin the screen -

  • Touch the phone's back button and the task button for a few seconds.

4Get full info. about phone

Many times we need complete information about Android phones if you want full information about any Android phone like - how long used which application used, how about WiFi, about phone, about phone If you want more information as well as many more information, then I am going to tell you a simple way with which you can easily get a complete explanation -

  • First you have to open your phone's dial pad.
  • After that you have to type * # * # 4636 # * # *
  • After this, according to your smartphone, you will find many options like - phone information, battery information, usage statistics, wifi information etc.
  • Now you can easily get information by clicking on option.

5Chrome search bar trick

Nowadays many smartphones have big sizes, and sometimes there is a need to use both hands when there is a search in Chrome browser. Generally Chrome's search bar is above the top if the search bar is below, then we can easily search with one hand only in large smartphones. Let's now know how to bring down the search bar in the Chrome browser -

Read More-

13 Android Tips & Tricks You Probably Didn't Know About 

  • First of all you have to open the Chrome browser on your smartphone.
  • Now to type in the search bar - "Chrome: // flags" is to search again.
  • You will have lots of options in front of you, now you have to click on the 3 dot option and select "find in page" option.
  • Now you have to search the "Chrome home" option in front of you Chrome Home will be defaulted to it, click on it to select Default and select Enable.
  • The search bar of your Chrome browser will come down.

I hope you guys like the latest Android tips tricks if you liked this article please share this article with your friends.

Top 10+ High DA Free article submission sites list

Top 10+ High DA Free article submission sites list

High DA Free Article Submission Sites List 
If you are doing off page activity for your website, then you have to submit the article. Presenting articles in Off page SEO is the most important thing.

If you want to rank higher in Google search results, then you should prefer to submit articles on high quality websites. Here we have listed a site listing to submit the top high free article , which will help you rank higher in Google search results.

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article submission sites

What is article  submission?
Article submission is the process for submitting articles related to your website or business to high quality websites that accept to submit free articles. The purpose of article submission is to increase visibility and popularity of your website.

Benefits of Free Article Submission

This will rank your website on all search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
Increase the popularity of your brand.
This will help you increase your website domain authorization.
If your article becomes viral, then it will give you lots of benefits in your business.
You will receive quality backlinks from high-tech sites.
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List of High DA Free Articles Submissions Sites List 

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The Top article Submissions site  listed above will definitely help you increase the website's popularity and domain authority.
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Please comment down in the comment section below and give your valuable feedback about this article.

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What is a Kernel? Know the use of the kernel in the operating system?

What is a Kernel? Know the use of the kernel in the operating system?

Hello friends, I am again with a new post, friends, through this post, I will tell you what is kernel the kernel is and how it works in the operating system, let's start.

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What is a Kernel? Know the use of the kernel in the operating system?

What is the operating system?
First of all, friends of the operating system like you know that different systems have different operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, Macintosh etc. You can run any software with the help of this operating system. If you do not have an operating system then you can not run the software, so you can run any software like VLC media player, Adobe Photoshop etc. To run all the software running the main software, we call the operating system.
Now hardware and software of hardware are things we can touch, such as mouse, hard disk, monitor etc. All of this comes under the hardware, software is things we can see but can not touch like VLC media player, like Adobe Photoshop etc.

To work together with friends, hardware, the only thing that is necessary is that we say Kernel, a small chip is inserted in the motherboard that says that the CPU is the brain of your system in which all work is done.

Know the Kernel Use in the Operating System?
Let's say there is a software for which audio-visual software such as VLC media player is required. Audio-visual software is required because it runs audio. Kernel, which software to connect to and to serve, Kernel decides how much storage or how much resources the program has to offer, even the kernel itself decides.

Your computer system has two spaces where you work and where the kernel lives, where the kernel lives, there can not be a normal user in space, there can not work because if a user works in a location where the kernel It will interrupt both of them and if this happens then your system will not work well, it is possible that your system is crashing, so do Nell's went given a different place. In the system so that they can do their own job alone and there is no entry of any kind. Because it is the most important part of the system and it is a very important job.

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So friends, now you may have known what the Kernel is   ? And what is the significance of it in the operating system? So if you enjoyed this post then tell us your views and feedback by comment, if there is any question, and if you want to give more information than this, then please tell us through the comments.

What's the difference between Update Vs Upgrade? complete information

What's the difference between Update Vs Upgrade? complete information

Friends, today I will tell you what is the difference between updates and upgrades, they are completely different in themselves, which make changes in the app or the operating system, but the main difference is that they are amending and they What is the significance of modification? A software update mainly consists of bug fixes, and small modifications, the same system upgrade only changes the version of the whole system.

You have seen many times when you need to update the software running in your system and sometimes it needs to be upgraded, this shows that there are some differences between the two things. But both of them have to make some modifications to the system, I will tell you this information in detail, then read it whole -

What's the difference between Update Vs Upgrade complete information

What's the difference between Update Vs Upgrade complete information

What is the update ???
When we make an update on our system, it changes the application or operating system without affecting the application or the core part of the operating system, your system changes regularly, such as bug fixes, security patches, drivers and Adding support for new hardware, etc. It is called update.

The update size is small, in which it does not take much time to perform. Updates are always for a specific application or software whose size is in kilobytes or sometimes even megabytes.

What is the upgrade ???

When we make some major changes to any software or operating system on our system, so that your software or operating system changes, we call the upgrade, so switching from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 is called operating system upgrade.

An upgrade focuses mostly on the GUI of the system and adds new features and options that are not present in the version of your old software or operating system, so the size of the upgrade can be in many gigabytes.

Update VS Upgrade
Updates are always free, i.e. no money is taken in any way because you have paid enough money on purchasing the software. This is one of the reasons that when you take a new Windows-based OS, you get a lot of money, but updates to Windows are available for free, as well as many open source software vendors, both of which are free software and their updates. Present in

It does not happen with the upgrade because many software vendors are probably taking money for your upgrade because larger companies like Windows and MacOS do.

As I mentioned earlier, it takes less time to install updates, but installing the upgrade is taking a lot of time and it is quite complex and difficult because the data has been copied or copied in large quantities is.

Another thing that keeps separate upgrades from updates is that whenever a new upgrade is released, there is a big change in the version version like Android 6.0 like Android 6.0, or Windows 10 from Windows 8.

Installing the upgrade means installing a new and fresh software and installing an update means adding some bug fixes or adding some additional features to older software.

Friends, by reading this post, you have come to know that if you like this post, then what is the difference between updates and upgrades, do not forget to share it with friends.

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